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October 12th, 2017

NOBO stands for North Boynton...something the area has become known as. The owners decided to name their brewery after North Boynton, but shortened it to NOBO. Clever. One thing you'll want to know is on most Fridays, they release special smaller batches of beers. They're trying new things and this is a great way to get feedback and decide if they want to make a larger batch or hide their mistake. They find this to be very effective and most people are very happy to help give them feedback. For example, on Friday October 13, 2017, they're releasing Cherry/Key Lime Funky Monk. This should be interesting.

Looking for food? Food trucks are there every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The rest of the days (for now), you can take advantage of Papa John's special. Tell them you're at NOBO and they'll deliver a $10 two-topping pizza in short order. I've done it and was impressed! A great add to good beer.

Hours: Monday: 3 - 10pm, Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday: 3 - 10pm, Thursday: 3 - 10pm, Friday: 3 - 11pm, Saturday: 12 - 11pm, Sunday 12 - 8pm

Atmosphere ()

The one thing I felt NOBO was lacking was the atmosphere. They try to market themselves as if we're in Prohibition times with posters on the wall depicting various forms of protest that happened during that time. The walls are white complimented with black and hard dark woods. There is more to do in this area, but it does the trick.

Selection ()

Not a bad selection. When we stopped in, I counted 17 beers (3 of which were guest taps). The flavor profiles are pretty wide. For their core beers, NOBO had a Hefeweizen, IPAs, Blonde Ale, and a Coffee Porter. Enter their seasonal or rotation beers and you start to get some variety within the flavors. They aren't afraid to try new flavors in beer. For example, they have a Jalapeño Honey Blonde, Water Me Lawn Blonde (Watermelon), Loaded Pumpkin (brewed with 80 lbs. of pumpkin!), All That & a Bag of Hops (East Coast IPA), Peach Sourweizen (something I didn't have the opportunity to try, but will next time I'm there). They also had a beer named Eazy SIPA, an IPA Session. This is one to try.
My personal favorite was the Funky Monk, a Belgian Strong Golden Ale. This beer boasts a full 12% ABV. Careful drinking this one! It's very smooth and easy to drink quickly. You won't know the alcohol is sneaking up on you until it's too late. This is one to try!
The Boynton Blonde contains fresh orange blossom honey from the Tampa area. What's interesting is that when you drink this ale you'll be left with a familiar feeling in your mouth... that of a slight coating of honey. It's the last thing you notice after you drink it. Nice!

Value ()

Pricing at NOBO was very reasonable. Most 5 oz. samples were $2.00 to $3.00 and a 12 oz. draft can run you between $5.00 and $6.00. Get the larger one (16 oz.) and it'll only run you $5.00 to $6.00. Some beers you can also get Growlers that come in a 32 oz. and 64 oz. size and were priced anywhere between $10.00 and $24.00, depending on the flavor.

Service ()

Service was very good. The owners were very friendly and even invited us to back to the brewing area. While back there, we were able to ask a bunch of questions. You can get a quick tour in the back if they don't have too much going on during many days of the week. Just ask when you're there early and they'll make sure it's ready for you a little while later.

Brew Quality ()

They do a good job of getting creative with flavors. They have a beer called Basil IPA Batch 2.0 (An American IPA) at 7% ABV. It has a bold basil aroma and light bitterness with a flavorful malt. They suggest you pair this beer with pizza (See Papa John's deal above).

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  1. Lane says:

    Personally, I think I'd score NOBO a little higher. Overall, a 4.5 in my book.

    I totally understand where you are coming from with regard to the atmosphere, but I kinda like the clean, industrial style. My only issue is how loud it can get in there; it's almost deafening sometimes when they are really busy. If it were my place, I'd get some white (to match their paint) acoustic panels and cover the high wall sections that are out of sight. I think that would cut down the echo chamber effect and absorb some of that energy.

    Also, with as many times as we've been there I give them a lot of credit on the brew quality. The beers always taste the same - no deviation in flavors that I've experienced with some other local brewers in the past. And the fact that they roast their own coffee beans on-site for their coffee porter shows how dedicated they are to consistency and a quality product.

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