Ellison Brewery - East Lansing, MI ()

January 22nd, 2018

Ellison Brewery is not an easy place to find, however, it appears everyone else can find it as this place was busy for a Monday night. Beers were good and the setting is basically a converted warehouse off from Grand River west of Hagadorn Ave in East Lansing. Not a typical annoying college crowd, seemed like a nice group of beer drinkers of all ages.

Atmosphere ()

I visited Ellison on Trivia night so the atmosphere was active but maybe not the usual style.

Selection ()

Only 11 beers to choose from but a decent mix from IPA’s to Stouts.

Value ()

Pretty average in pricing. $2 4 oz. flights seemed very reasonable.

Service ()

Helpful and friendly service. Quick to address me once I sat down even though the bar was full.

Brew Quality ()

I tried 4 beers in a flight and surprisingly enjoyed every one of them. The two DDH Citra Evolution and DDH Amarillo Evolution were much better than I expected. The Tiramisu stout was good too, just not something I could have an entire pint of.

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Ellison Brewery
4903 Dawn Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823, USA
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