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- Nun With A Chainsaw

Posted November 5th, 2017

So the story goes that after Hurricane Irma passed through south Florida in September, one nun in Miami “made it her mission to clear debris.”  This beer is thus a tribute to those in South Florida who had to cut and maim the once beautiful trees that were in their back and front yards to get out. Irma created a mess, even though it was only a Category 1 storm in Miami. We were weeks without rubbish pick up, the smell of the preserve near our house was rank, and the power was out for 2 days. Honestly, it was nothing compared to Puerto Rico.

Appearance ( )

This beer is a golden IPA that is as tasteful as it is beautiful. It’s mostly clear, which is ironic, bacause the skies were mostly clear after Irma.

Smell ( )

With a slight hoppy smell, this beer doesn’t disappoint.

Taste ( )

Again, I’m not an IPA drinker, but like to try them on occasion. I enjoyed this one. Not one strong flavor prevailed, but it did have a hint of grapefruit citrus notes.

Mouthfeel ( )

Citrus, piney (but not much). It was also carbonated/seltzer-like.

Overall Impression ( )

I would definitely drink this one again. I enjoyed it. It was almost one you could drink over and over again. Almost. If you’re an IPA fan... then again, you might want something hoppier.

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