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- NOBO - Peanut Butter Imperial Stout

Posted October 1st, 2017

On Friday, September 28, NOBO offered a small batch sample of their Peanut Butter Imperial Stout. I liked it. It was a bit boozy, but certainly had a good stout base that I enjoyed. The peanut butter wasn't too strong, and I could drink more than one...something I have found a little difficult to do when drinking a peanut butter flavored beer (from other sources).

Appearance ( )

Deep & dark in color. Usually a beer this dark might cause chest hair to grow out your nose, but not this one. It's smoother than you'd expect with a rather high alcohol content at 12%.

Smell ( )

This beer had a sweet malty smell with a light hint of nuts...there was even a light boozy smell.

Taste ( )

This beer fits the stout description, but also has a hint of a strong ale. Except for the nose of the taste, the taste of peanut butter was missing. You could taste it at first, but it disappeared quickly once the strong boozy flavor took over.

Mouthfeel ( )

Not a lot of carbonation with this one and it tasted better the warmer it got. It felt a little heavier in the mouth as it warmed up. This would be a phenomenal beer while nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie.

Overall Impression ( )

I'd buy this one again. It takes a bit to finish, unless you're trying to take advantage of the high alcohol content. If you sip this slowly, you'll enjoy the rewards of a good Imperial Stout. I found it pleasurable because it tasted like a cross between a stout and a Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. I enjoyed it.

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