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- Left Hand - Wake Up Dead Nitro Stout

Posted November 12th, 2017

One of my new favorites! This beer is very smooth. The perfect mix of chocolate, fruit, and licorice along with the nitro makes this a beer to remember. When you exhale after drinking, you get a hint of coffee and the licorice jumps out. Don’t worry though, if you don’t like licorice, you may still like this beer, as it does not overpower the taste at all. With the high ABV (10%), it can get dangerous quickly. Try this with a scoop of Publix (if you have them nearby) Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt/ice cream. Holy cow! The cherry ice cream and the Russian Imperial go hand in hand....but if you don’t have that, try a handful of dried cherries or chocolate chips or both!

Follow the advice on the bottle...”Our hard. Admire & enjoy.”

Appearance ( )

A breautiful brew, especially if poured correctly... deep dark blackish brown, with a brown foamy crown. Perfect for an Imperial.

Smell ( )

Roasty malty smell and taste.

Taste ( )

For the high ABV, this stout is smooth because of the nitro processing. It blends the harsh boozy taste with the smooth milky finish of chocolate milk...which is probably why I like this beer so much.

Mouthfeel ( )

Feels heavy and light in the mouth at the same time...heavy because of the boozy taste, but light because of the nitro process. With a crisp feel in the mouth, this beer pops and smooths out quickly. Let this beer wander around your mouth before sending it down.

Overall Impression ( )

This is one of my faves. I will definitely get this beer again. Well done Left Hand!

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