Due South Mariana Trench

Due South - Due South's Mariana Trench (2017)

Posted January 20th, 2018

Due South's Mariana Trench (2017) is a one of my favorite beers from this brewery. They have mixed the base with other flavors, but this is the best version of it. Bourbon barrel aged, this beer is a bit heavy in the mouth, strong vanilla and chocolate flavors with a light molasses mouthfeel. Smells heavenly and tastes like it should. Another great beer from Due South. This beer gets me excited to go back to the brewery and try another one.

Appearance ( )

What a beautiful beer. Dark and mysterious with a stunning light molasses brown head. This bear is thick and dark with a reddish brown hue. Difficult to see through because it's so dark...unless you have very little left in your glass. This beer promises to be delectable.

Smell ( )

Notes of bourbon, vanilla, and chocolate. This beer smells a little boozy, but turns out, it isn't too strong. Smells of molasses are also present.

Taste ( )

I really enjoyed this beer. It starts with a strong boozy taste, but doesn't overpower the notes of vanilla and chocolate that make this beer a treat. This is another bear that tastes better the warmer it gets. I drank this one slowly over the course of 2 hours (it was a large bottle...ok?). When it was very cold it was difficult to taste the complexities, but once the temperature warmed up, the flavors bloomed. All the above flavors showed up to party together. The bourbon flavor fills the gaps of the vanilla and bourbon.

Mouthfeel ( )

Mariana Trench didn't disappoint and it's mouthfeel didn't either. Sweet molasses and bourbon filled your mouth. Lighter than expected, but still full and heavy. It contained a light carbonation (especially at first sip).

Overall Impression ( )

I've come to realize this is a very good beer and I now understand what all the hype is about. While Mariana Trench Day is today and they want to charge $47.50 to attend the event, I can see why so many want to attend. This is a flagship beer. I can't say I'll be there...but I will probably be there the next day to see if there's any left. I can understand why so many people seek this beer out. Based on what I understand, this beer gets better and more complex each year. Let's hope Due South doesn't try to out do itself and mess this up!

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