Photo of a Due South Mariana Trench beer

Due South - Mariana Trench (2016)

Posted November 25th, 2017

I've wanted to try Mariana Trench for a few years now. It sounded so good. I didn't even care which year I'd try. Last night, I had the chance to try it at Due South. They were doing a "Black Friday" event (get it, black beer for black Friday) where they were selling glasses of the 2016 stash. Am I glad I had the chance to try it. This beer is very good. Dark, mysterious, and full of flavor. I highly recommend. Due South is located in Boynton Beach, FL.

Appearance ( )

A thing of beauty. This beer is as beautiful as it tastes. This beer pours with some light brown head, but quickly dissipates into the depths of black. If I had some chocolate to eat with this stout, they would play well together. Dark, mysterious...It makes you wonder, "just how deep is this beer?"

Smell ( )

Slightly roasted malt with hints of chocolate and nuts. My mouth just drooled on my keyboard. Hang on, I need to clean this up...

Taste ( )

This beer is full of taste. I tasted some molasses, a hint of caramel, boozy and a bit of oak.

Mouthfeel ( )

Bit of carbonation, chewy and heavy.

Overall Impression ( )

I really enjoyed this beer. Starting with the visual anticipation, awesome smell, and slightly sweet finish, this beer is one to get again. When can I go back?

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