My Schwarz Is Bigger Than Yours

I was really excited when I read on NOBO's Facebook page that they were going to feature a schwarzbier for their "Experimental Friday" release on Black Friday. How apropos, I thought!

Let me start by noting I discovered my love for schwarzbier during a somewhat recent business trip to Ft. Collins, Colorado where I was lucky enough to stumble upon not just one, but 2 different breweries serving up this fine style of dark lager. I promise I'll write about all the beers from that wonderful city soon (my kids know my definition of "soon"... hopefully, you can be as patient as they aren't).

Let me tell ya, NOBO did not disappoint here! A truly stand-out beer! Rarely do I drink a beer and decide I need to buy a growler right then so I can take some home. I enjoyed this nectar of the gods all weekend! It definitely helped soothe my soul after the Broncos lost their 7th game in a row, and to the Raiders of all teams, gah! But I digress...

NOBO took a bit of a chance with this brew with this 5.7% ABV magical potion. A schwarzbier is typically fermented with a lager yeast. However, they used their Kolsch style yeast instead. This was supposed to impart a somewhat fruity flavor on the backend. I'll discuss that a bit below.

If you're in the neighborhood, you definitely need to get yourself into NOBO before this tap blows. I wouldn't be disappointed to see this added to their regular menu (please, NOBO, this is me begging)!